Cinegy is pleased to announce that it will showcase version 10 of its 4k IP Based Solutions, Cinegy Multiviewer, Cinegy Route and Cinegy Live at IBC 2014.

Deploying an IP-based Ethernet video infrastructure is a necessary choice for... read more

The Teradek Beam is a full HD camera-back H.264 encoder, capable of delivering stunning video at bit rates up to 50Mbps.  Beam utilizes the unlicensed 5GHz band and can transmit video up to 2500ft with just 2 frames of latency. Whether the job... read more

The latest TeraCentral and TeraView applications for iOS and Android devices now support color grading using industry standard or customer 3D Lookup Tables (LUT), allowing you to transform your flat live video feed from the camera into a lifelike or... read more

The Cube Pro with Timecode Buddy was engineered to improve the wireless video workflow of the most demanding camera operators in cinema, live events, and news gathering. As the latest H.264 encoder from the award-winning Cube family, Cube Pro + TCB... read more

Bolt Pro 2000 TX
The Bolt Pro 2000 increases the range all the way up to to 2000ft line of sight and includes both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs so it can function on any modern camera rig. Like the 600 model, Bolt Pro 2000 can also be... read more

Bolt Pro 600 TX
The Bolt Pro 600 uses a new RF design that extends the transmission range up to 600ft line of sight. The device can also be augmented with higher gain antennas that will provide a more resilient wireless link... read more

Bolt Pro 300 TX
The Bolt Pro 300 is the latest update to the best selling Bolt Pro line, offering both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs and an improved chassis design that runs cooler. The 300 model maintains internal antennas, which... read more